AndagoThe Andago Gait Trainer provides our patients unique opportunities to walk greater distances and improve their posture during rehabilitation. The device offers innovative treatment through dynamic bodyweight support not limited by a ceiling guide, giving patients the chance to practice repetitive walking, which is crucial for recovery. This support also catches patients if they fall, creating safer work environments for clinicians allowing them to focus on improving patients’ gait patterns to help them walk again. The Andago has become an essential part of many patients’ rehab programs with numerous testimonials that this trainer feels the most natural out of many different technologies and assistive devices they have tried.

Indego® Exoskeleton

Indego ExoskeletonIndego is a powered orthosis, referred to as an exoskeleton, worn around the waist and legs to help individuals with physical impairments stand, walk, and participate in over-ground gait training. The Indego is useful in outpatient therapy as a tool to promote principles of neuroplasticity such as repetition, task specificity, intensity, and salience. Additionally, it challenges core stability, upper extremity strength, and balance. The Indego exoskeleton allows people to continue activity that promotes good bone density, circulation, and cardiovascular exercise. Patients who use the Indego over time demonstrate improvement in their ability to walk faster and further, but most of all, they enjoy practicing walking outdoors and are able to experience a new level of independence.


ZeroGThe ZeroG is the world’s most advanced body-weight support system for walking and balance retraining. Its overhead track and harness system gives you the confidence to move across the room without the fear of falling. With an adjustable track and dynamic body weight support, ZeroG can be used in conjunction with treadmills, stairs and other equipment. Therapists adjust the ZeroG using a wireless control system while always staying by your side.

Lokomat® Pro – With Virtual Environments

The Lokomat Pro is an advanced robotic walking retrainer. By moving your legs through the motions of walking on a treadmill, it retrains the brain faster by relieving physical strain. This equipment does not require you to be able to walk or even stand on your own to work. Previously only available in veterans’ hospitals, Sheltering Arms was the first to bring the Lokomat Pro to civilian patients in Virginia.


Sheltering Arms was the first hospital in Virginia to acquire the ErigoPro robotic device. The technology helps patients gradually achieve a standing position while activating their leg muscles through functional electrical stimulation. This innovative therapy solution counteracts the negative effects of immobility, improving blood flow and lower body muscle strength.

Power Plate Vibration Platform

The Power Plate is a whole-body vibration system to enhance and increase bone density and muscle strength. Used in our fitness and NeuroFit programs for patients in both the inpatient and outpatient setting, this piece is used to treat spasticity including traumatic brain injury, stroke, and spinal cord injury. Patients enjoy using the Power Plate and report less spasticity and improved movement afterwards, resulting in increased ability to participate in walking tasks.


The V.I.E.W (Video Information to Enhance Walking) is a staging and review area that allows the therapist and patient to review video and data taken moments ago and from previous therapy sessions. This process connects you to a wealth of real-time, personal information that can help you understand your goals and enhance recovery.

L300 Go

L300 Go is a functional electrical stimulation (FES) system capable of producing measurable mobility improvements in individuals with foot drop and/or knee instability or thigh weakness caused by an upper motor neuron disease or injury. This neuroprosthesis lifts the foot with mild electrical stimulation. Through ongoing therapy, the L300 Go can help individuals experiencing foot-drop walk more safely and easily with increased speed, up and down stairs, and on uneven surfaces. This lightweight device is wireless, can fit under clothing, and can be taken on and off with one hand. Lower leg and thigh cuffs are included in Sheltering Arms’ repertoire of technology.

SMART Balance Master®

The SMART Balance Master comprises unique, interactive technology for the diagnosis and treatment of balance disorders. The therapist can control the surface where you stand, as well as your visual environment. This adaptability is helpful in assessing the sensory and motor components of your balance control and addressing the appropriate areas through therapy.


The GAITRite uses “footprints you can see” with a special mat and video system that assesses walking data in real time. Our expert therapists use this data to pinpoint areas of concern, such as poor gait, pain and fall risk. The therapists can then tailor treatment specifically to address your unique issues and recovery goals.

RT300 FES Cycle

This “smart” cycle can stimulate nerves and up to ten muscle groups in any combination of the legs, arms and torso. The RT300 allows you to exercise and strengthen these muscle groups safely, even from a wheelchair.

Split-Belt Treadmill

Split-Belt Treadmills are the latest in innovative treadmill technology to help rehab patients “re-wire” their brains to tell their legs to move. The Split-Belt Treadmill may be particularly helpful if you have an uneven walking pattern, because it will require you to respond to variable speed controls for each leg.