Physician Services

Sheltering Arms physicians are physiatrists, specializing in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation. This includes the diagnosis and treatment of conditions that may produce temporary or permanent physical limitations. They have many years of experience helping patients regain function when living with neurological or orthopedic conditions, or after traumatic illnesses/accidents, surgery or other mobility limiting conditions.

They are trained to fully understand how each of the body’s major systems impacts function, and are dedicated to assessing and treating the whole person, not just a specific symptom. This approach provides tailored treatment plans to meet your personal recovery and lifestyle goals.

You may see a Sheltering Arms physiatrist in an outpatient clinic, or as the leader of your care in one of our hospitals. Our physicians have unique areas of specialization within the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation. Your physician will use his/her background and expertise to help you find the power to overcome the obstacles of your specific illness or injury and recover your independence.

To schedule an appointment with a Sheltering Arms physician who specializes in your condition, call 804-764-1000.