Neurological Rehabilitation

Neurological conditions affect the brain, nerves and spinal cord, and as a result, can impact a vast amount of body functioning. You may notice difficulty with movement, muscle control, balance and speech. These affects can vary greatly from one person to the next, so finding a rehab provider that is focused on you and your specific recovery is important.

Sheltering Arms offers a comprehensive array of services to help you find the power to overcome your neurological illness or injury. Each specialty regularly evaluates new research in the field of neurorecovery and chooses only proven, evidence-based treatments to develop your recovery plan. At Sheltering Arms, our therapists are committed to acquiring advanced training and expertise in using breakthrough rehabilitation technology to ensure the greatest results for you. Find our neurologic services below:

Clinical Services

Health & Wellness Services

  • Club Rec
  • Fitness Center
  • NeuroFit
  • Therapeutic Pool

Sheltering Arms offers the most extensive network of support in the region throughout all phases of your recovery. If you have questions about which neurorehabilitation services are appropriate for you, call us today at 804-764-1000.