iWALK Recovery Center™

The iWALK Recovery Center™ represents a unique vision of what therapy can be and a place to explore what is possible. It is designed to take advantage of your brain’s neuroplasticity, its amazing ability to compensate for injury using old and new connections to recover lost function. While the fastest recovery is likely to occur early on in treatment, research shows that improvement can be made long after an injury.

Designed to meet the needs of both acute and chronic conditions, the iWALK Recovery Center™ is a specialty program offered by Sheltering Arms that is dedicated to providing research-driven, state-of-the-science care from thoughtful clinicians with expertise working with patients who have experienced a neurological injury or illness.

A Transformational Leap Forward

The advanced technological equipment and clinical techniques can only be accessed together in the iWALK Recovery Center at Sheltering Arms. The high-tech capabilities and expertise of our staff combined in one place makes the iWALK Recovery Center a unique program designed to produce the best results for you. Our innovative technology includes:

The Andago Gait Trainer provides our patients unique opportunities to walk greater distances and improve their posture during rehabilitation. The device offers innovative treatment through dynamic bodyweight support not limited by a ceiling guide, giving patients the chance to practice repetitive walking, which is crucial for recovery.

Indego® Exoskeleton
The Indego is a powered orthosis, referred to as an exoskeleton, worn around the waist and legs to help patients stand and walk. It is particularly beneficial to patients who have sustained spinal cord injuries or who have survived strokes.

The world’s most advanced body-weight support system for walking and balance retraining. Uses an adjustable overhead track and harness system to give you the confidence to move without the fear of falling. Therapists adjust the ZeroG using a wireless control system while always staying by your side.

Lokomat® Pro – With Virtual Environments
An advanced robotic walk retrainer. The Lokomat Pro moves your legs through the motions of walking on a treadmill, relieving physical strain. This equipment does not require you to be able to walk or even stand on your own to work.

Erigo®Pro Bionic Leg Support
The ErigoPro, manufactured by Hocoma, relies on functional electrical stimulation (FES) for targeted leg muscle activation. Adhering electrodes to the skin, nerve endings are stimulated with electricity causing the contraction and activation of muscles. Together with cyclic movement training, FES efficiently supports the increase of blood flow in the patient’s lower extremities and improves the cerebral blood flow and lower body muscle strength.

Power Plate Vibration Platform
The Power Plate is a whole-body vibration system to enhance and increase bone density and muscle strength. Used in our fitness and NeuroFit programs for patients in both the inpatient and outpatient setting, this piece is used to treat spasticity including traumatic brain injury, stroke, and spinal cord injury.

The V.I.E.W. (Video Information to Enhance Walking) is a staging and review area that allows the therapist and the patient to review video and data taken moments ago and from previous therapy sessions. This process connects you to a wealth of real-time, personal information that can help you understand your goals and enhance recovery.

L300 Go
L300 Go is a functional electrical stimulation (FES) system capable of producing measurable mobility improvements in individuals with foot drop and/or knee instability or thigh weakness caused by an upper motor neuron disease or injury. This neuroprosthesis lifts the foot with mild electrical stimulation.

SMART Balance Master®
A unique retraining tool that is used for the diagnosis and treatment of balance disorders. SMART Balance Master is key to accurately pinpointing and treating the underlying issues. Therapists can control the surface where you stand and your visual environment while assessing the components of your balance control.

Uses “footprints you can see” with a special mat and video system that assesses walking data in real time. Expert therapists use this data to pinpoint problems such as poor gait, pain and fall risk. The therapists can then focus on therapies designed specifically for you.

RT300 FES Cycle
This “smart” cycle can stimulate up to ten muscle groups in any combination of the legs, arms and torso. The RT300 allows you to exercise and strengthen these muscle groups safely, even from a wheelchair.

Split-Belt Treadmill
Split-Belt Treadmills are the latest in innovative treadmill technology to help rehab patients “re-wire” their brains to tell their legs to move. The Split-Belt Treadmill may be particularly helpful if you have an uneven walking pattern, because it will require you to respond to variable speed controls for each leg.

Cross-Trained and Highly Certified Physical Therapists
Sheltering Arms therapists are highly trained and certified to use all the equipment at the iWALK Recovery Center. Our expert staff wrote the book on how to use these technologies together in a clinical integration model.

With so many firsts, it is clear that Sheltering Arms is committed to providing the very best rehabilitation experience and outcomes. For more information about the iWALK Recovery Center, or to schedule an assessment, call 804-764-1000.

To learn more about iWALK Recovery Center, download the following materials: