iREACH Recovery Center™

The iREACH Recovery Center™ is a unique program that brings expert therapists and the most advanced technologies designed to help patients who have difficulty using their arms, hands and fingers together in one place. If you cannot use one or both arms in everyday life, we may be able to help – even if you have tried therapy elsewhere.

Only available together at Sheltering Arms, the iREACH Recovery Center(™) offers the following innovative technology:

The ArmeoPower enables highly intensive arm rehabilitation for patients in the early stages of recovery. Support automatically adapts to the patient’s abilities, and offers simultaneous therapy from the shoulder to the fingers. Game-like exercises allow for training in activities of daily living, while providing immediate performance feedback.

Uses an exoskeleton to support the affected arm. This support allows you to move more easily and compensates for weakness and decreased motor control. Using virtual reality games, repetitive motion therapy is engaging and fun.

SaeboMAS (Mobile Arm Support)
An exoskeleton supports the affected arm, while calibrated springs provide body weight support. You can move more easily and compensate for decreased motor control or weakness. Repetitive arm movements improve function of the arm.

The device fits around the affected hand. Springs attached to each finger help with extension of the fingers and opening the hand. Repetitive grasping motions are used to retrain the grasp and release process.

The SaeboGlove is lightweight glove with a low-profile, functional design that can be worn throughout the day. The glove includes a tension system that extends the clients’ fingers and thumb following grasping.

RT300 – FES Cycle
Electrical stimulation is transmitted from a machine to your arm muscles. The stimulation cycles on and off, triggering different muscles and causing a functional movement. Repetitive arm motions pedal a bicycle for 30 minutes. You will be motivated to create this movement on your own.

Bioness H200
Electrical stimulation is transmitted from a machine into your arm muscles. The stimulation cycles on and off, triggering different muscles and causing a functional movement. Repetitive grasping and releasing movements are used to retrain use of the hand.

Arm movements are either guided or assisted by the robot and correspond with a virtual reality interface for engaging therapy. Repetitive reaching motions are used to promote and retrain purposeful movement.

Rapael Smart Glove
RAPAEL Smart Rehabilitation Solution is designed to induce neuroplasticity for hand function of patient with brain damage. In order to enhance rehabilitation of patients whose extremities are affected by lesions in the central nervous system (eg. stroke), they should practice goal-oriented and task-specific tasks repetitively.

The FITLIGHT Trainer system is a wireless reaction training tool equipped with LED lights managed by a tablet controller. The system of lights acts as targets users need to deactivate during their training session, sending data back to the tablet for analysis.

Cross-Trained and Highly Certified Occupational Therapists
Sheltering Arms therapists are highly trained and certified to use all the equipment at the iREACH Recovery Center to help you reach your potential. In fact, our experts wrote the book on how to use these technologies together in a clinical integration model.

To learn more about how the iREACH Recovery Center can help you, call us at 804-764-1000.