Dry Needling

Our physical therapists want to help you find relief from and minimize life interruptions related to pain. Depending upon the nature of your pain, you may benefit from dry needling.

Dry needling may help in relieving pain related to:

  • tissue dysfunction
  • muscle strain/counter-strain
  • acute & chronic pain conditions
  • low-back pain
  • spasms

A physical therapist with training in this precise technique will place solid needles deep in the skin and muscle to directly release myofascial trigger points and relieve pain in your muscle and connective tissue. Although they are similar in appearance, the practice of dry needling is based on clinical guidelines as opposed to meridians, or life-energy paths, used in acupuncture.

Call 804-764-1000 to schedule an evaluation with a physical therapist to determine if dry needling can help you find relief from pain.