To prevent the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus), Sheltering Arms has implemented the following safety measures: No visitors at our hospitals except family members who have been asked to participate in person. Our outpatient centers remain open; however, if care is not urgent, we strongly encourage you to reschedule your appointment for June 10 or later. Visit for more information.

Developmental Disabilities Program

Therapy Services for Adolescents and Adults

People with developmental disabilities can benefit from a lifespan approach to therapy. Appropriate management through the following therapies helps to prevent secondary impairments that can result in decreased mobility, increased deformities, and issues with pain. Therapy to address these impairments can lead to improved quality of life and increased community participation.

Physical therapy to:

  • improve strength and functional mobility
  • evaluate wheelchair and equipment needs
  • improve overall health and fitness
  • manage pain

Occupational therapy to:

  • improve independence and activities of daily living
  • facilitate engagement in desired occupations
  • explore the use of assistive technology
  • recommend environmental adaptations
  • evaluate and treat upper extremity deficits

Speech language pathology to:

  • evaluate for communication disorders
  • provide tips for effective communication
  • evaluate swallowing and provide recommendations to improve safety with eating and drinking

We also offer a fitness center with accessible equipment, a therapeutic pool, and one-on-one personal training services to help safely improve overall activity level, endurance, strength and flexibility.

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