As of October 31, 2021, Sheltering Arms will no longer offer outpatient physician and psychology services as part of our continuum of care. This action does not change the inpatient physical rehabilitation services offered by Sheltering Arms Institute or the outpatient therapies and wellness programs provided by Sheltering Arms Physical Rehabilitation Centers. Both the hospital and the outpatient therapy and wellness clinics will remain in operation. If you are actively receiving services with either of these organizations today, your care will continue uninterrupted.

Between now and October 31, SAPRA will cease operations in phases depending on the services provided by each physician and psychologist. Details for each clinician will be posted here as they become available.

To request a copy of your medical record or the transfer of your record, please click here to complete and submit the records release authorization.

For a list of practices who are accepting new patients, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

What is happening with the Physician and Psychology services at Sheltering Arms?

Due to increasing regulatory and financial changes in healthcare, sustaining a small physician and psychology practice group is no longer feasible resulting in the difficult decision to cease operations of Sheltering Arms Physical Rehabilitation Associates, LLC.

How does this fit in with Sheltering Arms’ mission?

In order to sustain outpatient therapy services including physical, occupational, and speech therapies; fitness, wellness, and recreation services; and our mission-driven day recreation program, and Club Rec for the long term, Sheltering Arms made the difficult decision to discontinue operations of SAPRA physician services. Sheltering Arms remains committed to providing accessible therapy, wellness, and support services for our community.

Can I still make an appointment with a physician or a psychologist?

Patients may call (804) 764-1000 to make an appointment, pending availability in their provider’s schedule.

Where is my doctor going and can I follow them?

That depends on each doctor and where he/she is going. As we receive confirmed updates about each physician’s plan, we’ll share those details here on the Physician/Psychologist Information page. You may reach out to your doctor’s new employer to inquire if they are accepting new patients.

Who do I go to now for my care?

When a practice ceases operation in Virginia, patients are responsible for finding another provider to take over their care. To make that process easier, we have a list of practices that are accepting new patients, along with their contact information, available here. This list does not contain every possibility and patients are not required to use this list. It is the patient’s choice where to go and we recommend that patients consult with their physicians to make the decision that is best for them.

What about my financial assistance? Will it transfer with my doctor?

Sheltering Arms financial assistance is only for patients receiving care at Sheltering Arms. Please inquire with your new provider to see if they have financial assistance available.

How do I transfer my medical records to my new provider?

Once you have identified a new provider, our team will be happy to help facilitate safe and effective transfer of care. You should have received a copy of our medical record request form in the mail, which is also available here. At that point, submit it to our it to our medical records department at (804) 342-4185.

Is all of Sheltering Arms closing?

No. Please rest assured, Sheltering Arms Institute and Sheltering Arms Physical Rehabilitation Centers will continue to provide inpatient physical rehabilitation and outpatient therapy services.