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7 Ways to Prevent Boredom among Adults


Posted on: March 30, 2020 by Jenny Lankford

By: Liz Creasman, Recreation Therapist

As cabin fever sets in, it’s hard to stay entertained rather than feeling bored or anxious. Here are seven ideas to prevent boredom among adults, especially while social distancing!

  1. Pick up a new hobby or restart an old one!
    Consider activities that you’ve enjoyed in the past and why you stopped them. Oftentimes, we discontinue hobbies because of time limitations or frustration with the project. It may be time to revisit these barriers and overcome them! Revisit an unfinished project or consider starting a new one with materials you already have related to this activity.
  2. Use technology to connect with others
    A great way to stay connected with a loved one is to schedule a video chat or phone call. There are even games you can play together virtually! Most video chats also have a screen share option so only one person needs to download the game on their device. Here are a few ideas:
  3. Get outside
    There are many healing elements of the outdoors including vitamin d and decreasing anxiety. Be mindful to stay six feet away from others! If physically going outside is not an option, consider changing your view to look out of a window or explore the outdoors through videos, podcasts, and guided imagery.
  4. Take on a challenge
    There are tons of creative challenges on social media including variations of cooking competitions, fitness tasks, and artist copy cats. You could also break down one of your personal goals into smaller parts to accomplish over the next few weeks.
  5. Streaming and virtual tours
    Technology has truly added an element of accessibility to many attractions. Many fitness studios and museums have virtual offerings. Check out your favorite tourist attraction’s website to see what they are providing! A few of my favorites are:
  6. Try and stick to a schedule
    Mimic what you did before. If you typically met a group of friends for an activity, find a way to still connect with them! Make a list of what you would like to get done then break these tasks down hourly.
  7. Allow time to rest
    This is a stressful time for all of us with lots of adaptations. Set aside time for your self-care routine to refuel.