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Rehab & Recovery After COVID-19

Post COVID 19 Recovery and Rehabilitation

Posted on: June 30, 2020 by Kiryako Sharikas

By: Jason Seltzer, PT, DPT

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is a highly contagious virus that mainly impacts the lungs of those it infects. Many people who experience critical, or even moderate to severe symptoms, will require hospitalization or even intensive care. However, the majority of those infected will experience mild symptoms and recover in about two weeks.

Approximately one in six people will experience severe symptoms such as trouble breathing. People who are older or have other serious health conditions like diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), stroke, or heart disease are at higher risk for having more serious problems as they fight off and recover from COVID-19.

What are mild symptoms of COVID-19?

People who experience mild virus symptoms may suffer from an upper respiratory tract infection, fever, cough, body aches, loss of energy, shortness of breath, and other mild symptoms such as headache or conjunctivitis. Some people even report pneumonia as a side effect.

Someone has officially recovered from the virus when they are:

  • fever-free without taking fever-reducing medicine for three full days (72 hours)
  • coughing and shortness of breath have improved
  • are at least 10 days symptom-free from when symptoms first appeared, or
  • have had two negative tests within 24 hours of each other

Even though those who experience mild symptoms will recover in a short period of time at home, they often experience ongoing symptoms like weakness, fatigue, and shortness of breath with activity as well as difficulty walking or performing daily tasks. Having chronic health conditions before contracting COVID-19 leaves you more at risk for experiencing these new difficulties. Even if someone exercised regularly before COVID-19, he or she can still suffer from these lasting effects. This is where our recovery program can help!

Will physical rehabilitation help me recover faster after COVID-19?

Being evaluated by a physical therapist will help post-COVID-19 patients determine which therapy treatments are needed for recovery. Each case may differ, so a unique rehabilitation plan is needed to help each patient regain their strength, energy, and endurance and improve their ability to walk and perform daily tasks. From these evaluations, we will also be able to assess if any occupational or speech therapy is suggested.

Under the supervision of an experienced therapist, our patients are safely monitored and activities are adjusted to make sure we are on course for optimal recovery. Find out if you qualify for initial evaluations through our TeleHealth programs.

Physical therapy can help those who have suffered from COVID-19 return to their daily lives again. Contact us today for more information about our Post-COVID Rehabilitation Program. We are equipped to help everyone find the Power to Overcome this illness!

Learn more about additional disease prevention protocols we have in place to keep all our patients, employees, and families safe at our Sheltering Arms Post-COVID-19 Recovery Centers.