Sheltering Arms Physical Rehabilitation Centers Charity Care and Financial Assistance Program

Sheltering Arms provides medical treatment to patients without restriction to race, gender, national origin, age, residence or financial status. Those individuals who lack financial resources or who have exhausted their health insurance benefits may be eligible for assistance from Sheltering Arms, based upon common criteria and methodology.

If your gross annual income is less than 200% of the federal poverty level, you may qualify for charity care. Even if your gross annual income is not less than this amount, you may still be eligible for reduced-cost care. Reduced-cost care means that you may only have to pay a part of your bill, depending upon your income. This policy is in support of the mission of Sheltering Arms and these criteria are applied in a fair and consistent manner to all inpatients and outpatients who need assistance.

For additional information, please inquire with a patient access representative at any facility.

Contact information for all Sheltering Arms locations:

Phone: 804-764-1000
Toll Free: 877-567-3422

Click here to obtain a copy of our Financial Assistance Program application.

Click here to obtain a copy of our Financial Assistance Policy (Summary version here)

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