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Patient Stories

Returning To The Game After Concussion

Returning To The Game After Concussion Christa Hill's Story

Three weeks following a concussion she sustained playing keeper for the JV lacrosse team, Christa Hill is eager to get back on the field. At the advice of her school’s trainer and the ER physician, the Lee Davis freshman came to the Total Concussion Care program at Sheltering Arms, where she has participated in intensive physical therapy to ensure a full recovery and safe return to play.

Since this was Christa’s second concussion, she knew her symptoms – headaches, dizziness, fogginess, and irritability – indicated a problem. In the beginning, therapy involved comprehensive assessments to evaluate the extent of her impairments and determine an appropriate treatment plan. Then, eye movement and balance exercises progressed to more intensive drills, which were used to assess how her body reacted under physical exertion and to help retrain the brain to safely perform the complex actions needed in the game.

Following Christa’s first concussion, she did not participate in therapy. Christa’s mother, who also happens to be her coach, was not taking any chances this time around.

“The first time we had to rely on what Christa said, and she kept saying she felt fine. When she leaves here, I can feel comfortable knowing that she is completely healed,” says Pam Hill of her daughter.

Aside from the benefit of this comfort level, Christa and her mother have noticed that therapy has reduced her recovery time. Last time, she was out of the game for a full five weeks. Participating in a therapy program personalized to her unique needs and following the instructions of her physical therapist while at home, she will safely return to play after three weeks.

“I am telling my entire team that they need to come here after their first concussion,” Pam adds.

We’re sure the Lee Davis team will be glad to have Christa back and we wish them the best of luck for the remainder of the season!

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