To prevent the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus), Sheltering Arms has implemented the following safety measures: No visitors at our hospitals except family members who have been asked to participate in person. Sheltering Arms has begun the process of resuming in-person outpatient therapy services. Visit for more information.

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Patient Stories

Showing Gratitude with Kindness

Showing Gratitude with Kindness Jean Moseley's Story

Jean Moseley’s smile lights up the room when she enters. Her spirit radiates as she makes her rounds through the Sheltering Arms Hanover therapy gym giving hugs to each member of her therapy team who helped her regain strength and confidence.

“I never thought I’d walk again, I swear I didn’t. I was a mess. I couldn’t stand up,” Jean recalls.

She first came to Sheltering Arms several years ago due to a resurgence in post-polio syndrome symptoms. “I was doing fine and then one day I had the stroke,” Jean recollects. “I couldn’t move and I thought, ‘This is crazy. What’s wrong with me?’ I never thought it was a stroke.”

Upon her return home, Jean was prescribed physical therapy, but by the time her sessions ran out, she was unsatisfied with her results. Jean visited her doctor, spoke up and asked for another round of therapy, this time to Sheltering Arms. “I just felt like I needed more intense therapy and Sheltering Arms has so much equipment. I told my neurologist, ‘How about Sheltering Arms?’ I was not happy with where I was going,” Jean said about asking for a referral.

At this time, Jean was experiencing neck pain and couldn’t hold her head up. “We had to fix that,” said Christina Smith, PT, DPT. “We worked on her neck for four sessions and her pain resolved very quickly because she did all of her home exercises.”

The duo was running out of things to work on in therapy related to Jean’s neck pain, so Christina seized the opportunity to help Jean stand. “She had more strength than she believed she did,” Christina said.

To strengthen Jean’s leg muscles, therapists used a variety of techniques and technology. “Jean is an excellent example of someone who went through the iWalk technology as she progressed,” Christina said. “We started with just a standing frame to get her bearing weight on her legs and progressed to the ZeroG because she just needed a little bit of support.”

“I hung from the ceiling!” Jean said, joking about her experience on the ZeroG.

From there – with less assistance each day – Jean learned how to manage a walker and worked her way up to walking 200 feet over ground without assistance.

To combat pain management and flexibility issues, Jean also worked with Kierstan Jacobs, PT, DPT, Cert. DN, for dry needling. “Being able to pull in another therapist who has a secondary specialty to help loosen tissues and release pain really made a big impact in Jean’s ability to progress in therapy,” Christina said about the benefits of treatment collaboration.

Another component of Jean’s therapy was practicing activities of daily living to become more independent. “We set up things like getting into her bathroom, standing, getting dressed, stepping over a ledge so she could go onto her balcony and water her plants,” Christina said.


Jean is now confident at home and practices walking through the halls every day. “I can’t praise you all enough… I just can’t,” she says as tears fill her eyes. “You gave me back my life.”

She was so grateful for the excellent care she received and for the kindness of everyone at Sheltering Arms she encountered that she brought in lunch for the whole therapy team the day of her last session.

“I tell everybody go straight to Sheltering Arms because you’re a team. Everybody is so kind and supportive. They act like you’re the only one in the world and to me, that’s a beautiful attribute.”

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