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How Do You Know If You Have Arthritis?


Posted on: November 29, 2019 by Jenny Lankford

By: Bryce Shank, PT, DPT, OCS

Hip and knee arthritis are common as we age, especially for those age 50 and older. Pain in the hip or knee joints can limit us from doing the things we enjoy. If you have some of the following symptoms, we recommend talking to your doctor and asking for a referral to physical therapy to help decrease your pain and improve your function.

Signs you might have hip arthritis:

  • Pain in your groin and/or outside of hip
  • Pain worsens with squatting, pulling your thigh up toward your chest, or turning your knee in
  • Pain or stiffness in the morning that lasts less than one hour

Signs you might have knee arthritis:

  • Knee pain or stiffness in the morning that lasts less than one hour
  • Cracking or popping in the knee joint
  • Pain when pushing on the front of the knee

How physical therapy can help:

  • Work on individual strength, endurance, and flexibility issues to help you move easier with less pain
  • Manual techniques to improve hip and knee joint mobility and decrease pain
  • Education on modifications to your daily activities to off load your painful joint (weight loss may be recommended)
  • Aquatic physical therapy may be recommended depending on the severity of your limitations

Sheltering Arms can help reduce the pain associated with your arthritis. Our therapists build a customized plan to addresses your specific needs and improve your quality of life. To learn more about how physical rehabilitation can help arthritis, click the button below or call (804) 764-1000 to schedule an evaluation with a Sheltering Arms therapist.

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