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Free Online Vestibular Migraine Seminar

vertigoDo you or a loved one suffer from vestibular migraines? While vestibular migraine is a common disorder, people suffering from them are often left in the dark about what to do, why they are happening, and how to prevent them. Join us for a free online seminar that will cover the basic science behind migraines, diagnosis of vestibular migraine, information on what providers to see, and how a vestibular rehabilitation specialist can help.

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For more details and information on how you can join this free online seminar, please email Carrie Holman at cholman@shelteringarms.com.

Event Details

April 19, 2021
4:45 pm - 5:45 pm

Virtual Seminar
Contact for more details
Richmond, VA 23235

RSVP or registration required: Yes
Fee: Free

Contact: Carrie Holman, PT, DPT
Email: cholman@shelteringarms.com