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Concussion Support Group

Education and support make a huge difference in concussion recovery. Please join us for a brief informational session provided by Sheltering Arms Physicians followed by an open forum for questions. This support group is intended to provide an outlet for discussion of shared experiences to help with coping strategies and general education about concussions. If you are an adult diagnosed with a concussion and are actively under the care of a healthcare provider for the injury (MD, PT, SLP, Psychologist, etc), we encourage you to attend.

Event Details

May 9, 2019
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Sheltering Arms - Reynolds Center
6627 W. Broad St.
Richmond, VA 23230

RSVP or registration required: Yes

Contact: Caitlin Larkins
Phone: 4152181208
Email: alison@healingpossibility.com