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industrial rehab work hardening and conditioning

Missing time from work can cause financial and emotional hardship. Sheltering Arms’ Industrial Rehabilitation program can help you recover from workplace injuries and avoid future hazards to maximize time on the job.

Sheltering Arms’ Industrial Rehabilitation program helps individuals recover from workplace injuries and avoid on-the-job hazards. Our return to work plan takes into account job requirements, specific injuries and individual needs. Our therapists facilitate physical recovery, improve strength and conditioning, teach safe body mechanics and adaptations, determine the individual’s safe maximum abilities and make recommendations to facilitate a successful return to work.

Our Industrial Rehabilitation Services Include

  1. Functional Capacity Evaluation
    • Objective & comprehensive testing of current functional abilities and limitations (Based on the Roy Matheson System)
    • Clear, work-relevant statements regarding ability to return to work and any necessary limitations
  2. Impairment Rating Estimate
    • Provides a measure of impairment based on severity of injury
    • Utilizes AMA 5th & 6th Edition Guidelines
  3. Prompt Scheduling & Reporting
    • Scheduled within approximately 1-2 weeks
    • Reports hand delivered to the referring physician and faxed to the case manager within 5-10 business days
  4. Pre-employment Screening
    • Physical testing to determine the suitability of an individual for a job or task
  5. Work Conditioning & Work Hardening
    • Improve client’s functional tolerances to highest possible level with goal of return to work without restrictions
    • Increase activity level, improve strength and ability to move
    • Patient specific work tasks monitored by a Physical Therapist
    • Typically a four week program of full days from 7:30-3:00pm or six weeks of half days from 7:30-11:30am

Patient Video of Our Industrial Rehabilitation Program

See first hand what some of our work hardening and work conditioning exercises look like.

Work Hardening vs. Work Conditioning

How do these services differ and which treatment is right for your situation?

Work Hardening

  • A goal oriented return to work program based on available job description
  • Full day participation
  • Integrates graded job specific work simulation and physical conditioning, biomechanics and client education to promote safety and self-management in the transition back to work

Work Conditioning

  • Based on an “Industrial Athlete” model
  • 2-6 weeks of half days (4 hour sessions)
  • Allows client to “build up” their physical conditioning and work on improving job specific tasks while still allowing client to work


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If you have any questions about our industrial rehabilitation program or would like to schedule an appointment at one of our locations, contact us below or give us a call at 804-764-1000.

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