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Pre-Prosthetic & Amputation Training

We understand that when someone finds out amputation is the only option; it can be a very difficult experience. However, it’s important to start your therapy even before your limb has been removed. By starting therapy before an amputation, you are giving your body a chance to start building up strength to compensate for the loss of the limb. This in turn will help reduce stress on other parts of your body helping to reduce future injury. Our amputation therapists are here to guide you through to a successful transition with your new prosthetic.

This is not only an extremely challenging time physically but mentally as well, causing increases in anxiety and depression. Another benefit in choosing Sheltering Arms is that we have dedicated psychologists in-house that specializes in the treatment of people who have experienced a traumatic injury. Contact us to learn more about all of our services that can help you along the way.

Different Types of Amputations

Regardless of the type of amputation that you or a loved one has experienced or is expecting in the near future, we have the technology & know-how to help you find the Power to Overcome™. Below is a list of amputations that we can help treat at our clinics.

Upper Limb Amputation

  • Partial hand – this type of amputation could include the removal of parts of the finger or the entire digit itself
  • Metacarpal – hand amputation without the removal of the wrist joint
  • Wrist disarticulation – hand amputation which includes the removal of the wrist joint
  • Below elbow – amputation below the elbow, removing the hand and part of the forearm
  • Elbow disarticulation – removal of the forearm where the elbow meets
  • Above elbow – arm is amputated above the elbow
  • Shoulder disarticulation/forequarter amputation – shoulder, shoulder blade and collar bone amputation

Lower Limb Amputation

  • Above the knee – a portion of the leg is removed from above the knee joint
  • Through the knee/Knee disarticulation – lower leg is amputated along with the knee joint
  • Below the knee – lower leg is amputated with knee joint staying intact
  • Hip disarticulation – amputation of the entire leg with some variations that leave the upper portion of the femur to help with posture while sitting
  • Hemipelvectomy – amputation of the entire leg and sections of the pelvis
  • Ankle disarticulation – foot amputation with removal through the ankle joint
  • Partial foot & toe amputation – This is when parts of the foot or toes are amputated.

Amputee Therapy Treatments

The type of amputation will directly impact the type of therapy you will need. After your physical evaluations are complete, your therapist will go over all of your treatment options. Here are a few types of treatments that you could receive at Sheltering Arms.

Amputee Support Group

Sheltering Arms and Sheltering Arms Institute offer a monthly Amputee Support Group for patients and community members.

  • Meets the first Wednesday of each month at 6 p.m.
  • Meetings are held virtually
  • Please reach out to for additional information or to register for the support group


Make an Appointment with a Therapist or Ask a Question

If you have questions about which amputation therapy services are appropriate for you, complete the contact form below or call (804) 764-1000.

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Inpatient Amputation Rehabilitation

Aside from offering the most advanced care at our outpatient amputee therapy centers, we can also accommodate your inpatient rehab needs at Sheltering Arms Institute. Learn more about Sheltering Arms Institute by clicking the button below.