Develop a Healthier Lifestyle Through Exercise

The PowerEx programs at Sheltering Arms are designed for individuals who are looking to develop a healthier lifestyle through exercise and continue progress gained in physical and/or occupational therapy. Whether you have a medical condition that requires special consideration, or would just like some help getting started, our fitness specialists have the expertise you need.

Through the PowerEx programs, an American College of Sports Medicine Certified Inclusive Exercise Physiologist will conduct medical history and health/fitness assessments. Placement into the PowerEx programs is based upon these assessments and evaluations. Fitness specialists will design individualized exercise programs to meet your specific needs, offer guidance throughout the programs, and provide regular progress updates to your physician and healthcare team.

Once you have received a referral from your physician (click here for referral form), it is as simple as calling 804-764-1000 and scheduling your first visit!

What are the requirements of the PowerEx programs?

  • Complete the exercise program with minimal assistance
  • Attendance, at minimum, twice a week for the duration of the three-month membership
  • Attendance at all sessions with fitness specialist

What does the program include?

  • Medical background & fitness assessment
  • Health/medical history evaluation
  • Individualized exercise program
  • Individual half-hour sessions with a certified fitness specialist
  • 3-month membership to the Sheltering Arms fitness centers & pool