If you enjoy a structured workout, Sheltering Arms offers many options to join an exercise class in the water or on land. We have class options designed to accommodate beginners as well as those with more experience.

Classes run on a monthly basis: View aquatic/fitness class schedule

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Fitness Classes

Core Strengthening

This class will strengthen the back and abdominal region. Exercise ball and balance disks are used to improve stability, balance, and strength in the core areas of the body. Strengthening your core will significantly increase overall strength.

Silver Sneakers

This land-based class uses gentle activities to help increase joint flexibility, improve range of motion, and maintain muscle strength. The class may use fitness center equipment at times.

Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery

This class is for those living with Parkinson’s disease. Participants will be required to engage in various floor exercises on a mat. The program is designed to teach high-effort, large-amplitude movements with complete muscle activation with a focus on improving balance and daily living activities.

(Evaluation required before participation)

Power Punch Parkinson’s Boxing Class

This class incorporates the core values of boxing for those living with Parkinson’s disease. This class provides boxing gloves and punching bags! Strictly designed to teach people how to use high-effort, large-amplitude movements and complete muscle activation.

(Evaluation required before participation)

Stroke Circuit Class

This circuit class aims to support stroke survivors with their recovery goals and increase abilities to complete activities of daily living. Teamwork-based activities and group discussions are included.

(Evaluation required before participation)


This chair-based class focuses on developing body awareness while learning basic postures and proper alignment. Learn how to sequence breath and movements and connect to your body!


Aquatic Classes

Aqua Flex

This low-intensity class is perfect for those with arthritis or other orthopedic factors. This beginner class is a great choice to help prepare for surgery or post-physical therapy. The water provides extra resistance with protection from higher impact activities.

H2O Intervals

This high-intensity, Tabata-based water workout is ideal for those looking to increase their cardiovascular output. Tabata workouts alternate between periods of high intensity and brief recovery through a series of challenging movement patterns.

Water In Motion

This full-body, moderate-intensity workout is designed to strengthen muscles and build endurance. This class includes a cardiovascular component followed by strength and core exercises.