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Advanced Technology Helps Sheltering Arms Patients Walk Sooner

Posted on: May 2, 2017 by Sheltering Arms

RICHMOND, VA (May 2, 2017) – Sheltering Arms announced today they are the first hospital in Virginia to obtain the Erigo®Pro robotic device to improve mobilization and verticalization of patients with circulatory, neurological or musculoskeletal conditions.

This therapy solution combines gradual verticalization, leg mobilization, and intensive sensorimotor stimulation through cyclic leg loading. It counteracts the negative effects of immobility and accelerates the recovery process.

“Prolonged bed rest due to stroke, traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury can cause adverse effects such as cardiovascular, respiratory and musculoskeletal deconditioning and other medical complications. Early mobilization not only supports the functional recovery of patients, but it produces better outcomes and reduces the number of days in rehab so a patient can get home sooner,” said Timothy Silver, M.D., Sheltering Arms Hospital Medical Director.

The ErigoPro, manufactured by Hocoma, relies on functional electrical stimulation (FES) for targeted leg muscle activation. Adhering electrodes to the skin, nerve endings are stimulated with electricity causing the contraction and activation of muscles. Together with cyclic movement training, FES efficiently supports the increase of blood flow in the patient’s lower extremities and improves the cerebral blood flow and lower body muscle strength leading to improved restoration of function. At Sheltering Arms, the ErigoPro will be used in conjunction with a portfolio of other advanced technology to achieve optimal recovery.

“We are committed to finding the best medical advances to help give our patients the tools to overcome setbacks from illness and injury,” said Mary Zweifel, CEO of Sheltering Arms. “Adding the ErigoPro to our array of therapeutic solutions will help us to treat patients even earlier in their recovery.”

The ErigoPro will be available to patients at Sheltering Arms Hospital in Midlothian, Virginia.


About Hocoma
Hocoma is a Swiss manufacturer of robotic and sensor-based rehabilitation solutions. To learn more about Erigo®, click here.

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Stephanie Sulmer
Sheltering Arms Marketing & Public Relations

For a PDF copy of the release, click here.