Our Values

As employees of Sheltering Arms, we exhibit care and compassion with our patients, their families, and staff in all daily interactions.

Sheltering Arms is open to change for the sake of improvement and embraces opportunities that enhance outcomes.

Sheltering Arms strives for excellence in all that we do as an organization that is committed to the highest standard of rehabilitative care.

Sheltering Arms is committed to staying abreast of the latest research, information and training to provide the best possible experience for our patients.

Sheltering Arms upholds the ethical standards. Honesty and integrity guide every action.

Mission Statement

The mission of Sheltering Arms is to increase access to innovative rehabilitative care of the highest caliber through a continuum of services that enhances the quality of life for the people we serve.

P2O: Power To Overcome

What is the Power to Overcome?

With illness and injury come setbacks. We believe that the power to overcome these challenges lies within each individual. At Sheltering Arms, our passion is in helping you use this power to transform despair into hope and struggles into victories.

Our staff expertly balances a nurturing spirit with a keen determination to take your recovery one step further. They pair the most effective technology and treatment available in physical rehabilitation with their passion for seeing you succeed and learn to live as fully as before.

When you hear the phrase “power to overcome,” think of it as our commitment to you. We will help you tap into the potential within yourself to look positively toward your future and we will travel with you on your journey there.

Vision Statement

Shaping the future of rehabilitative care.

Sheltering Arms seeks to achieve its mission and vision by:

  • Continually improving the delivery of effective, personalized rehabilitation services along a broad continuum of care at convenient locations to persons who need and will benefit from our services.
  • Providing superior physical rehabilitation services to persons in financial need through prudent stewardship of our resources.
  • Recognizing and addressing the needs of the whole person – mind, body and spirit.
  • Developing partnerships with persons and their families who are experiencing physical disabilities so that they actively participate in determining and achieving high quality functional outcomes.
  • Creating an environment in which employees effectively use their knowledge and skills and in which personal satisfaction and growth may be experienced.
  • Establishing and fostering viable relationships and alliances with other healthcare providers, funding sources, educational institutions, and providers of products and services who share our values.
  • Developing educational and research programs to advance the knowledge and science of physical medicine and rehabilitation.
  • Creating processes that allow for the rapid infusion of new technologies and the dissemination and retrieval of information.
  • Promoting public awareness and positive attitudes concerning the capabilities and needs of persons with disabilities.

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