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The 2017 orthopedic top five

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Posted on: December 27, 2017 by Robert Moss

The end of the year is about review, contemplation, and lists! At Sheltering Arms, we see a lot of patients throughout the year for various issues. What did we treat in 2017? Here’s our list of the top five most seen orthopedic conditions:

5. Gait and mobility abnormalities – this diagnosis code could mean a lot of things and getting to the root cause is usually a different finding. Mobility issues could be due to a foot, ankle, knee, or hip injury or a neurological issue such as stroke.

4. Shoulder pain – From hunched over desk jockeys to athletes, we saw a lot of patients who wanted to improve their shoulder mobility and decrease pain. Our customized home exercise programs are created to continue the progress made during therapy.

3. Knee pain – Athlete or octogenarian, we all eventually feel some knee pain. Excess weight, arthritis, over-used joints, and other movements and conditions can take a toll on the knees. We help patients restore maximum function/flexibility, manage pain, and prevent recurrent injuries.

2. Cervicalgia – This is a fancy term for neck pain localized in the cervical spine (first vertebra – 7th). Many experts believe that by the time we are 65, nearly everyone (95 percent of people) will have had at least one episode of cervicalgia. Our physical therapists relieve symptoms and teach proper posture and body mechanics to avoid re-injury.

1. Lower back pain – This condition requires no description and it’s no surprise it is the number one condition we see. We’ve all experienced this common disorder involving the muscles, nerves, and bones of the back. The relief of this pain, however, depends in large part on its cause. Sheltering Arms offers an array of services to relieve back pain, typically beginning with the least intensive options, including activity modification, and physical therapy.

At Sheltering Arms, we wish you a happy and safe 2018. If you experience these or another injury, our goal is to help you return to the activities you love as safely as possible.